"You're never too old to fall in love..."

"You're never too old to fall in love..." "You're never too old to fall in love..."

Romantic fiction starring women over 40.


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You, Me, Us - Empty Nesters Book 1



The Empty Nesters NYC

Welcome to the lives of the Empty Nesters — six New York women who’ve known each other for more than 25 years. Together, they’ve been through marriages, deaths and divorce … and so, so many hideous hairstyles. The Empty Nesters may not always agree on everything, but each of them believes ‘you’re never too old to fall in love.’

In the four years since Penelope and Michael separated, everything has changed.

For Penelope, life is damned fantastic!

Having been the main breadwinner, the housekeeper and the finance manager for their entire relationship, Penelope has moved on with her life, and her hot, twenty-five-year-old lover, Alexander, the DJ.

Michael is not faring as well. He is haunted by his failed writing career, his finances are a catastrophe and … he is still completely and utterly in love with his ex.

When the situation with Michael’s finances finally come to a head, he asks Penelope if he can stay with her a while. She eventually agrees and the weeks that follow see them reflecting on their past and their present, and where it all fell apart. 

With the help of her Friday night drinking pals, Penelope is driven to ask herself the questionhow many chances do you give the one you love?