"You're never too old to fall in love..."

"You're never too old to fall in love..."

"You're never too old to fall in love..." "You're never too old to fall in love..."

Romantic fiction starring women over 40.


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Spring at Lake Grange : Seasons Book 4


Maria Pinelli is voluptuous, confident, smart and sassy. She’s also extremely unlucky in love. It doesn’t help that she’s wildly in-love with her handsome but socially inept best friend Ethan, who happens to be engaged to a young, bubbly, skinny blonde.

 As Maria tries to forget her woes by throwing herself into her work at the Olsen Corporation, a revelation threatens to unravel her family and she comes to rely on her friendship with Ethan more than ever.

Ethan attempts to forget the trauma of his childhood by managing his life to the minute. He begins to find that there is no recipe for life, and no amount of meal prep or precise ironing will change the fact that sometimes life is meant to be messy.

Does Maria have what it takes to keep her family from imploding? And can Ethan overcome the ghosts of his past and allow himself to live a life without fear?

‘Spring at Lake Grange’ is a story of love, family and facing your fears in order to live the life you were born to live.

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